Every journey starts with taking the first step.
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Learn to take ownership of your healing journey using vibrational remedies and shadow work.

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We each have the potential to make life changes that will support our well-being and allow us to thrive. But years of stress, challenging experiences and setbacks can leave us feeling drained of energy and ideas. Even when we think we know what we 'should' do to resolve things, we just can't seem to make it happen.

The problem is that our brain can be wired to keep us in the very situation we consciously want to get out of, often for fear of change - even if this seems to make no logical sense. This can be the case for wellness issues as much as anything else in our lives.

So to move forwards, we need to find healthier, more positive patterns. People often just need a fresh perspective and new ideas to help see the path to living a truly wonderful life.


I can help you by giving you the understanding, strategies and tools to be able to take more responsibility for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness and help you to reconnect to your vitality and inner voice.

I am a truly holistic practitioner who meets people where they are and helps them see the bigger picture around life's challenges. Find out more about my way of working here.

Are you ready to do life differently?

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Welcome! I'm Anne - a Capricorn who's broken free of their programming!


I love helping people see another way - a way that involves fun, friendships and love rather than the difficult experiences so many of us have been taught to expect. 


I live in Devon in the UK and love long walks in the sunshine, exploring hidden beaches and curling up under a warm blanket with a mug of cocoa made with my favourite dairy-free milk.

I used a remedy Anne recommended and I found it very helpful!

Law graduate, UK

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