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How do you work?

I'll give you the chance to talk about your life right now and any challenges you feel are coming up for you - especially related to your mental and physical health. 


In the sessions, we'll talk confidentially about what's on your mind. I provide guidance and suggestions using a supportive and exploratory approach. Decisions about the best strategies for you and the most appropriate remedies are taken together so you have ownership of your wellness journey.​

What are vibrational remedies?

Vibrational remedies are made by infusing water with the energy imprint of a flower, crystal or other vibration. I tend to work with Bach Flower Remedies which you can find out more about via the Bach Centre website.

Each remedy contains the essence of a different wildflower and is aimed at addressing a specific emotional state. The process of sun steeping, or boiling the flower in water, captures the energy imprint of the flower. Unlike essential oils or herbal remedies, there is no physical part of the flower in a flower essence, only its healing vibration. 

A carefully selected remedy or remedy mix can act as a catalyst for change at an emotional and/or energetic level. Are you feeling really positive generally but have a nagging suspicion that you are not in a fulfilling job or relationship? Or have you been particularly worried about a loved one which is stopping you from feeling able to focus on your own life? Have you had a difficult time of things recently or has it felt like you’ve been in a difficult pattern for almost a lifetime?! Difficult feelings often benefit from a vibrational shift inspired by the remedies. 

How do you work differently to other practitioners?

I am an holistic practitioner in all senses of the word. I believe we cannot separate the different life experiences taking place from a person's emotional and physical wellness - we need to examine the whole person. I am passionate about the need to raise our emotional awareness to create change in our lives - in our overall health in particular. 


I've been working in health and well-being education for 17 years and have gained the skills to teach people to take ownership of their health journey. Working with me leaves a person feeling empowered and with a new-found understanding for why things may be occurring, and how to go about resolving imbalances.

Here are some illustrations of how I have worked with past clients.

  • Client A: anxiety leading to gut health issues 

On a physical level, I provided nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to reduce the gut and anxiety symptoms, and suggested key supplements at different price points. I also signposted further testing to inform future sessions, although we were able to proceed without these given the client's financial circumstances.


We then explored the emotional contributors to their gut health issues as the main focus of our work together then developed a remedy mix to address them. I shared reflective journal prompts and signposted resources to help bring further emotional clarity on the circumstances and beliefs driving the physical and mental health issues they raised. This more spiritual side to our work fostered connection to the client's inner wisdom which had positive knock-on impacts on other aspects of their life.

  • Client B: feeling blocked and confused

This client came to me as they were feeling well but were puzzled about their next steps which was manifesting in sluggish behaviours that were having an impact on their weight. I asked key questions to gain clarity on what they were hoping to manifest then suggested a Bach flower remedy mix to enhance their connection to their intuition and help unblock their thinking. I also signposted coaching and reflective exercises to enhance clarity and creativity. Their dreams also provided information about unconscious resistance to moving forwards which they were then able to process and address.

What do the gift boxes contain?

Each box contains gifts to bring comfort via the senses including candles, teas and a bath bomb plus inspirational gifts including a bracelet, sunflower seeds, a crystal and oracle cards. This carefully made selection means that the contents work to support wellness on many levels.



I have lots of different health worries - is this work safe?

This way of working is gentle and led by you - you are in control of your journey at all times. As a naturopath, I do not medically diagnose or treat conditions so further support may be needed, although most people find a benefit from working with me.

If taking medication which prohibits alcohol use, or recovering from alcoholism, a person should not use vibrational remedies containing alcohol. The Bach Centre website provides alcohol-free remedies which could be something we investigate together.

This issue aside, the vibrational remedies I work with do not affect any treatments you may be undertaking and are not thought to cause any side effects.

Any nutritional recommendations will be checked against known contraindications. However, it is important to liaise with your health professionals to ensure any suggestions are safe given their plans for your treatment.


The positive effects of this work and any insights gained from working with me may mean that you choose to work with medical professionals to reduce medications or seek alternative ways of managing long-term conditions, but this would be done under medical supervision.

How much do you charge?

For a single vibrational remedy consultation, the initial investment is just £35 including the cost of a personalised remedy mix - sent to your door if the consultation is online. For international clients, it is best to make a remedy mix locally so a deduction can be made to take this into account.

Clients can invest in a 3-session vibrational remedy package for £95, or a combined nutrition and flower remedy consultation plus follow-up session for the same charge.

For clients seeking a fuller health reset, I incorporate a full nutrition consultation service and flower remedy session into a series of 3 longer appointments at a rate of £150 to cover all 3 sessions. See the Working with me page for further details 

I'm not sure if this is for me or not - what should I do?

Why not reach out via the contacts page and we can set up a short call to discuss things further and address any concerns or queries you may have? It's important that what I offer matches your needs so I'm happy to do this so you are clear we'd have great sessions together.

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