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What do the gift boxes contain?

Each gift box contains:

- a vibrational essence that help you to foster positive qualities such as self-worth, calmness or reassurance

- gifts to bring comfort via the senses like candles, incense, teas and bath salts

- inspirational gifts like bracelets, sunflower seeds and crystals

- an inner wisdom card specially selected for you.

This carefully made selection means that the contents work to support wellness on many levels.

How will I receive my purchase?

Each month you'll be sent an email containing a workbook and video link introducing the focus for the month ahead. The email will ask you to make a remedy selection. Approximately a week later, you'll receive your gift box featuring your remedy selection. For those who've opted for the additional 1:1 Zoom call, your monthly email will also provide availability slots for your call, timed to allow for remedy mix selection before mailing out your gift box.

I have lots of different health worries - is this work safe?

This way of working is gentle and led by you - you are in control of your journey at all times. As a naturopath, I do not medically diagnose or treat conditions so further support may be needed, although most people find a benefit from working with me.

If taking medication which prohibits alcohol use, or recovering from alcoholism, a person should not use vibrational remedies containing alcohol. Alcohol can be substituted for glycerin or apple cider vinegar when making Bach flower remedy mixes if preferred, although there will still be a trace of alcohol from the original tinctures used. The Bach Centre website has further details on purchasing alcohol-free remedies.

This issue aside, the remedies do not affect any treatments you may be undertaking and are not thought to cause any side effects. The positive effects of the remedies and any insights gained from working with me may mean that you choose to work with medical professionals to reduce medications or seek alternative ways of managing long-term conditions, but this must always be done under medical supervision.

How does the coaching work?

Each £60 subscription package includes an initial 90-minute discovery session to get clear on where you are right now in your life followed by monthly 60-minute coaching calls where we'll talk confidentially about what's on your mind, and any barriers you feel are coming up for you right now. I provide guidance and suggestions using a supportive and exploratory approach.​

How do I work differently to other practitioners?

I take a very holistic view of health - looking at the emotional contributors to ill health as the main focus rather than the illness itself. So if a person told me they were experiencing gut health issues, I might use my nutrition expertise to support them with this concern, but would also ask them about anxiety and stress in their lives and try to find a remedy mix to support the issues they are experiencing. The monthly workbooks and video content would also help them to identify things that may be contributing to any emotional imbalances and provide suggestions for ways to address them.


I've been working in health education for 15 years and have gained the skills to teach people to take ownership of their health journey. Working with me leaves a person feeling empowered and with a new-found understanding for why things may be occurring, and how to go about resolving imbalances.

What does the monthly content cover?

Each month focuses on a different aspect of health and wellness. This is what we'll be focusing on in 2021:

  • January - How to start when the mountain seems too big to climb

  • February - How building self-worth leads to healthier choices

  • March - The secret to having more time - living in flow

  • April - The benefits of shifting focus to gratitude and releasing a scarcity mindset

  • May - Key steps to working with your intuition to support well-being

  • June - How to re-calibrate your money mindset

  • July - Overcoming barriers to manifesting a better life and vibrant health

  • August - Paying attention to what is triggering you on your journey
  • September - Developing a high vibration morning practice

  • October - Steps to improving relationships that promote wellness

  • November - Making 'energetic probiotics' part of your winter wellness regime
  • December - Looking back with love, gratitude, and foregiveness

What is the cancellation policy?

I want you to feel like you are in complete control of your journey. So after the initial sign-up, you can cancel at any time - you will only be charged for any goods or services already sent. 

I'm not sure if this is for me or not - what should I do?

Why not reach out via the contacts page and we can set up a short call to discuss things further and address any concerns or queries you may have?

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